GW instek PSW 250-13.5 多量程直流电源(250V,13.5A,1080W)

Accessories: ;  User Manual (CD) x 1; AC Power Cord x 1, USB Cable, Output terminal cover,  Basic Accessory Kit, Test leads: 1x red, 1x black
Rated Output Voltage: 250V
Rated Output Current: 13.5A
Rated Output Power: 1080W
Power Ratio: 3.125
Constant Voltage Mode
     Line Regulation    mV    128
     Load Regulation    mV    130
     Ripple and Noise    p-p    mV    120
                                        r.m.s    mV    15
     Temperature coefficient    ppm/°C    100ppm/°C of rated output voltage,after a 30 minute warm-up.
     Remote sense compensation voltage    V/wire    1    
     Rise Time:   Rated Load    ms    100    
                             No Load    ms    100    
     Fall Time      Rated Load    ms    150    
                             No Load    ms    1200    
     Transient response time: 2ms    
Constant Current Mode :        
     Line regulation   mA    18.5    
     Load regulation   mA    18.5    
     Ripple and noise    r.m.s    mA    30    
     Temperature coefficient    ppm/°C    200ppm/°C of rated output current, after a 30 minute  warm-up.
Protection Function      
     OVP    Setting range    V    20-275        
                  Setting accuracy         ± (2% of rated output voltage)
     OCP    Setting range    A    1.35-14.85       
                 Setting accuracy         ± (2% of rated output current)
     Over temperature protection (OTP): Turn the output off.
     Low AC input protection (AC-FAIL): Turn the output off.
     Power limit (POWER LIMIT)
               Operation         Over power limit.
                Value (fixed)         Approx. 105% of rated output power
Front Panel     
     Display, 4 digits
              Voltage accuracy 0.1% +    mV    200        
              Current accuracy 0.1% +    mA    20        
Programming and Measurement (Interface)      
      Voltage programming accuracy 0.1% +    mV    200        
      Current programming accuracy 0.1% +    mA    15        
      Voltage programming resolution    mV    5        
      Current programming resolution    mA    1        
      Voltage measurement accuracy 0.1% +    mV    200        
      Current measurement accuracy 0.1% +    mA    15        
      Voltage measurement resolution    mV    5        
      Current measurement resolution    mA    1        
Input Characteristics: 250V
     Nominal input rating: 100Vac to 240Vac, 50Hz to 60Hz, single phase
     Input voltage range: 85Vac ~ 265Vac
     Input voltage range: 47Hz ~ 63Hz
     Maximum input current
                 100Vac: 15A
                 200Vac: 7.5A
     Inrush current:< 75A for 1080W
     Maximum input power:1500VA
     Power factor
                 100Vac: 0.99
                  200Vac: 0.97
                 100Vac: 79%        
                  200Vac: 81%        
     Hold-up time: 20ms or greater
Analog Programming and Monitoring
     Series and Parallel Capability    PSW    250V        
              Parallel number    Units    3        
               Series Number    Units   none        
USB: TypeA: Host, TypeB: Slave, Speed: 1.1/2.0, 
USB Class: CDC(Communications Device Class)
LAN: MAC Address, DNS IP Address, User Password,Gateway IP Address, Instrument IP Address, Subnet Mask
GPIB: Optional: GUG-001 (GPIB to USB Adapter)
General Specifications
Weight (main unit only): Approx. 7.5kg
Dimensions (WxHxD): 214×124×350mm

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