Gwinstek 멀티플렉서 스캐너 박스 GSB-01 (5kVac / 6kVdc, 8ch)

Model: GSB-01
Manual: Gwinstek
Warranty: 12 months
Origin: Taiwan

Apply model: GPT-9800/9900/9900A series
High Voltage Rating: 5kVac / 6kVdc
Number of H.V. Channels : 8CH
Maximum Number of Scanners: 4 scanners (up to 32 channels)
Interface: RS-232C
Power Source : AC 100-240V±10%, 50/60Hz
Standard Accessories
Quick Start Guide x 1, CD x 1(Complete user manual)
Power Cord x 1, Communication Cable GTL-235 x 1
H.V. Wiring Lead GHT-108 x 1
G.B. Wiring Lead GHT-109 x 1,
Test Lead for GSB-01 : GHT-116R x 8, GHT-116B x 1
Test Lead for GSB-02 : GHT-116R x 6, GHT-116B x 1,
GTL-116R x 2, GTL-116B x 1


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