Gwinstek PSU 600-2.6 단일 채널 프로그래밍 가능한 스위칭 DC 전원 공급 장치 (0~600V, 0~2.6A, 1560W)

Current output: 0~2.6A
Voltage output: 0~600V
• Power output: 1560W
• C.V/ C.C priority mode
• Adjustable voltage/current rise and fall time
• Parallel connection (maximum 4 units of the
same model)
• Series connection (maximum 2 units of the
same model)
• High efficiency and high power density
• 1U height and 19”Rack Mount Size
• Three sets of Preset Function

• Bleeder Control function
• Internal Resistance function
• Panel lock function
• Protection: OVP, OCP, OHP,UVL, AC Fail, FAN
• Standard: USB, LAN, RS-232, RS-485, analog


• Option: GPIB、isolated analog interface
(voltage control)、isolated analog control
(current control)
• CE certified

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