Gwinstek PFR-100L 다 범위 DC 전원 공급 장치 (50V, 10A, 100W)

Rated Output Voltage 50V
Rated Output Current 10A
Rated Output Power 100W
Power ratio 5
Constant Voltage Mode
Line regulation(*1) 8mV
Load regulation (*2) 10mV
Ripple and noise (*3) p-p (*4) 50mV
Constant Current Mode
Line regulation (*1) 8mA
Load regulation (*9) 10mA
Ripple and noise r.m.s. 10mA
Protection Function
Over voltage protection (OVP)
Over current protection (OCP)
Under voltage limit (UVL)
Over temperature protection
(OTP)Low AC input protection (AC-
USB port Type A USB connector
RS-232/RS- 485

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