GW INSTEK PEL-503-80-5 DC Electronic Load (80V,50A,250W)

Power: 250 W

Current: 50A

Voltage: 80V

Min. Operating Voltage: 1.0V/@50A

Protections: OPP, OCP, OVP, OTP

CC Mode: 0~5.04A~50.4A , Accuracy: 0.1%

CR Mode: 0.016~1.6~96000Ω , Accuracy: 0.2%

CV Mode: 0~8.1~81V , Accuracy: 0.05%

CP Mode: 0~25.02~250.2W , Accuracy: 0.5%

Dynamic Mode : 10uS to 9.999s, THIGH/TLOW

Surge Current: 0~50A, 10-1000ms

Battery Discharge Test: 0-81V, 1-99999s, 0.1~19999.9AH

Measurements: DCV, DCA, DCW

Power Input: 115/230Vac

Interface: USB/RS232

Dimension & Weight: 205x123x477mm, 5.3kg

Accessories: Main unit, power cord, manual



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