GW instek GPE-4323 Linear D.C. Power Supply

Meter  CH1,CH2 
Voltage: 0-32V
Current: 0-3A  
Meter  CH3
Voltage: 0-5V
Current: 0-1A     
 Meter  CH4
Voltage: 0-15V
Current: 0-1A     

Voltage Resolution  10mV
Current Resolution  1mA
Setting Accuracy 
Voltage±(0.1% of reading +30mV)
Current±(0.3% of reading +6mA)
Readback Accuracy
Voltage±(0.1% of reading +30mV)
Current±(0.3% of reading +6mA)
Constant Voltage Operation                                    
Line Regulation  ≦0.01%+3mV
Load Regulation  ≦0.01%+3mV(rating current ≦3A)
≦0.02%+5mV(rating current >3A)
Ripple & Noise  ≦1mVrms(5Hz~1MHz)
Recovery Time  ≦100μs(50% Load Change, minimum load 0.5A)
Constant Current Operation                                   
Line Regulation  ≦0.2%+3mA
Load Regulation  ≦0.2%+3mA
Ripple & Noise  ≦3mArms

Analog Control Interface (Remote I/O)
V / I Check key  
4.3 Inch LCD Display
Power Source: AC100V/120V/220V±10%; 230V(+10%~-6%); 50/60Hz
Dimensions & Weight  210(W)x 155(H) x 306(D) mm ; Approx. 7kg
Accessories :
User Manual (CD) x 1 ; Power Cord x 1
Test Lead GTL-104 x 2 ; GTL-105 x 2 or European GTL-204A x 2 , GTL-203A x 2

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